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L'Autre Champ

The association de l' Autre Champ works to promote cultural knowledge and understanding through indoor and outdoor f ilm screenings for the local residents.

Furthermore, they offer workshops in content creation to allow participants to take ownership of the creative process.

How does the organization address societal challenges in an innovative way?

Since 2016 the association is based in a community garden which enables them to collectively expand their agricultural know- how, as well as invite everyone to apply these practices. Thanks to a tunnel greenhouse, hundreds of seedlings are carefully planted and maintained collectively every year. Most of them are distributed to local gardeners during open days, as well as the dozens of varieties of seeds that make up our seed library, which is enriched a little more each season.

What societal benefit does the organization create?

The association has been utilizing the garden for pedagogical workshops, and harvesting activities, as well as to produce seeds. Not to mention the outdoor screenings, the thematic evenings and the shared meals which characterize the life of the garden. It is through this diversity of actions that the garden has gradually become a central place in the life of the neighbourhood. Through the workshops and screenings, l' Autre Champ works to make cinema accessible as a universal mode of expression. They create a cinema of experience, open to all, with its imperfections and its limits, but also all its authenticity in its practices and the liveliness of its stories.

What new urban trades are created in the project?

The association is planning to establish a new project collectively with all the inhabitants. The " Open Fields" project is intended to facilitate local development. It aims to open new inclusive and supportive spaces of sharing and development, as  well as awareness of ecological urban farming practices and the safeguarding of biodiversity in urban areas. The idea is to facilitate activities regarding outdoor education, establish a garden of aromatic and medicinal plants, a collective henhouse as well as actions of recovery of unsold organic vegetables. Further, there will be spaces for inter- generational interaction and social inclusion. This project will not necessarily create one new urban trade, however, it will facilitate the necessary knowledge and understanding to advance urban resilience and is thus a great example.

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