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New Job Sheets - EN

Across Europe, similar issues are emerging, particularly in relation to the need to tackle the climatic, social and economic challenges that our cities are facing.

The response from the group of actors involved in the NATURE project is clear and enthusiastic: the solutions for imagining a new urban narrative lie in the revealed capacities and skills among inhabitants, whatever their life stories.

That’s why our organizations have gone out and looked for proofs of concept that new urban trades are emerging, here and there, and providing a dual response in terms of employment, accessible to the most vulnerable people in our societies, and in terms of the resilience of our cities.


In this document, you will find job sheets describing these new trades, created on the fringes of our cities, which are despecialised (without endless repetition of the same gesture), which rely on the experiential knowledge of people, and which provide an environmental service to the city.

Behind each trade lies a story, an energy, a negentropic dynamic and the possibility of a new way of imagining life in the city, life on Earth.

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