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The New Urban Trades in comics - EN

Welcome to "NATURE - The New Urban Trades in comics" a collection of 15 comics inspired by real individuals pioneering new urban professions in the quest for sustainability. These stories, born from interviews with practitioners featured in our Guide of Good Practices, offer a glimpse into the transformative potential of urban agriculture.

In these pages, you'll encounter the narratives of individuals whose professions have emerged on the fringes of our cities. From the Upcycling Artisan to the Zero Waste Consultant, each comic strip unveils the stories, energy, and proactive spirit driving these new urban roles. Together, they provide invaluable environmental services while envisioning novel ways of urban living in harmony with our planet.

Index of the Comic Book

1. Soil alchemist: Collecting  & Composting Broker
2. Sustainable profiter: Eco Touristic Mediator
3. Heavenly Pudding: Food Redistributor
4. Stop crying, make some oyster mushrooms: Re-Used Waste Farmer
5. Cartiera, Social Workshop: Reusing Fabrics Sewers
6. The Two Cycles: Soil Maker
7. KAI Restaurant - Eating well also means less waste: Sustainable Cook
8. Eta-Beta, the recycling artisans: Upcycling Artisan
9. Regenerator: Urban Beekeeper
10. Mr. Swiss Army Knife: Urban Farmer
11. Engagement- bringing the countryside to the city: Urban Farmer 
12. Halage. Flower Island: Urban Floriculturist
13. Urban renewer: Urban Metabolizer
14. Sheep herder: Urban Sheperd
15. Green Connect: For a habitable planet: Zero Waste Consultant

The Scriptwriters of Nature's Comic Book

Christophe Ngalle Edimo
A prominent screenwriter known for his contributions to the African comics scene, Christophe's work has earned acclaim for its depth and cultural resonance.
Christophe Dabitch
A versatile creator. His repertoire includes prose, collaborative books with photographers, and scripts for comic strips, which have garnered international recognition through translations into multiple languages.

Cartoonist of NATURE's Comic Book

Fifi Mukuna
A skilled illustrator with a penchant for humor, Fifi's work reflects her passion for drawing and her ability to engage audiences of all ages.

Adjim Danngar
Known for his incisive press cartoons, Adjim infuses his comics with wit and commentary, offering insightful perspectives on contemporary issues.

Hugues Bertrand Biboum
Hugues's expertise in graphic design, illustration, and animation enriches our anthology, bringing dynamic visual narratives to life.

Silvia Pacucci
Silvia's imaginativel illustrations capture the essence of storytelling, inviting readers to immerse themselves in her fanciful worlds.

"NATURE - The New Urban Trades in comics " is more than a collection of comics — it's a celebration of ingenuity, perseverance, and the transformative power of urban agriculture. We invite you to embark on this journey through the vibrant landscapes of sustainability, guided by the visionaries who are shaping the cities of tomorrow.

Read and Download the Comic Book below:

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