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Lemon Tree Trust

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Quick facts

Founded in 2015

Is UK Based but operates in refugee camps in Iraq, Uganda and Jordan

SDG’ s Goals 2 , 3 ( promoting mental health and well- being) and 12

The Lemon Tree trust is a non- profit organization based in the United Kingdom that facilitates greening innovation and urban agriculture in refugee camps in Iraq, Uganda and Jordan. Their long- term goal is to bring gardening initiatives to every refugee camp and community of forced migrants in the world. Since 2015 , the Lemon Tree Trust has supported refugees and communities of forced migrants, to create home and community gardens, garden competitions and education projects.

How does the organization address societal challenges in an innovative way?

The Lemon Tree Trust has made it its mission to transform one refugee camp at a time by implementing gardening initiatives and increasing the number of communal green spaces. Gardening is a valuable therapeutic tool since it addresses mental health issues by bringing people closer together, it helps to enhance the quality of life by creating more green spaces, and it creates food security as well as economic possibilities. 

What societal benefit does the organization create?

The Lemon Tree Trust works to improve well- being by creating a greener and more welcoming environment. Their activities are  focused  on  four  main  impact  areas:

  • improving mental health and well- being, community building and women’ s
  • empowerment, improving local
  • environments, and independent access to fresh food. Together with their partners,
  • they empower people from the ground up to improve their well- being and their
  • environment, with a particular focus on women coming together as a community to effect change.

What new urban trades are created in the project?

The garden initiatives create employment possibilities for refugees since they encourage self- sustaining ventures run for and by refugees, which then again help to restore cultural identity, dignity, and


What makes the organization particularly interesting as an example?

The Lemon Tree Trust has a holistic approach to sustainability since it managed to combine all three aspects of sustainability. Through their work, they empower refugees which works towards social sustainability, increase environmental sustainability by regenerating ecosystems and increasing biodiversity as well as help create ventures which increase economic sustainability.

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