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Lersogroftebs Integrationsbyhaver

Lersøgrøftens Integrationsbyhaver is a garden community with 150 gardens located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is aimed at strengthening local unity across the broad resident groups. In addition, the association focuses on disseminating knowledge about gardening and sustainable principles.

Quick facts

Founded in March 2012 Copenhagen, Denmark 150 gardens 12 m2 each

Works to strengthen the local community

SDG’ s Goals 2 , 3 , 11 and 12

How does the organization address societal challenges in an innovative way?

The project works to strengthen unity between people with different backgrounds. Therefore half of the gardens are reserved for people born outside of Denmark, while the other half is reserved for people born in Denmark. The project is building a strong sense of community by having clear membership rules such as taking care of the common areas during common garden days and actively looking out for each other and possibilities to help.

What societal benefit does the organization create?

By bringing residents from diverse backgrounds together, Lersøgrøftens Integrationsbyhaver is contributing greatly to the development of the community. Since Copenhagen is a metropolitan city with people from all over the world projects like this help to reduce the feeling of anonymity while simultaneously increasing the quality of life through additional green spaces and local organic food sources. At the same time, the association' s ambition is to actively  participate in networking with the many other associations and organizations that work with green initiatives in Copenhagen and nationally

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